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Same Day AC Service, Window Units Starting At $399

Air Vent Cleaning

Restaurants, Country Clubs, Banquet Halls, Offices, Fitness Gyms & More

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Over 9,000 Dryer Fires Occur Annually, Call Us Now

Heating & Plumbing Repairs for most commercial and residential dwellings. Same day service backed by our quality guarantee.

Types of service include furnace, Boiler, Heat Pump, Hybrid Heating, Ductless Mini Splits, Radiant Heating & Base Board Heating.

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Air Conditioner Cleaning:
WE CLEAN AIR CONDITIONERS. Yes, Mike's has been cleaning air conditioners for over 40 years. Air conditioners can create unhealthy mold inside your AC Unit without you even seeing it. Mold infestations can effect the quality of air and can have an impact on your breathing, especially if you already have problems. If you believe you might need an air conditioner cleaning, please call us and we'll help you get peace of mind quickly.

We can clean your air conditioner nearby your location because our trucks have all the necessary tolls and equipment to get your job completed that same day.

Service Areas
SERVICE AREAS: Mike's Air Conditioning Service Areas Include Brooklyn, NYC, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island And The Bronx. We Specialize In Through The Wall Air Conditioner Installations, Window AC Installations, Room Air Conditioners, Central AC Units, AC Repair & AC Service. Additional Services Combine Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning Along With Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance.

Mike's AC Service Complies With NYC Local Law 11 And Local Law 11/98 Related To Local Law 11 NYC, For Outside Hanging Or Through The Wall Air Conditioner Brackets Installation And Compliance. These laws cover all NYC Five Boroughs & Long Island.

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